The Project

If we continue consuming the natural resources as we do today, by the middle of the 21st century, the Earth will have lost half of its species because of factors such as hunting, uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, climate change and others. This phenomenon is cataloged by scientists as ‘the sixth great extinction’ and is recognized as a direct effect of the human activity on nature.

That’s why we created Transformaciones is a collaborative documentary project with which we will demonstrate that Colombia is a country where different actions are carried out for the protection and sustainability of our planet and that it’s possible to contribute to the mitigation of our environmental impact. This is based on real, popular, daily actions and, above all, based on the change of our daily paradigms.

Take Part

In Transformacciones we want a world with more inspired people working for the planet. Therefore, if you lead or know about actions or Colombians that work to mitigate the environmental impact, don’t hesitate to complete the form to apply and be part of this project. In addition, a group of experts will evaluate the actions and the most impressives will be part of the first online serie of this type in Colombia and a feature documentary film, with which we will tell to the world how to move from awareness to actions.

Everyone we can be part of this!


Meet those who work for this cause in Colombia, connect with environmental leaders, replicate ideas or power it. The most important thing is that we can use technology to share the actions that are improving the planet.

 Agua para la Guajira

Agua para la Guajira

 Cultivos sostenibles

Cultivos sostenibles

Water Care

Meet, support or share the initiatives of those who protect water sources, reduce their pollution, promote watershed recovery and much more.


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Ground Use

Learn how to preserve the ground through ideas related to responsible agricultural activities, food security, among others.

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Colombia is the second country in the world with the greatest biodiversity. Look at the actions that the people are being taken to conserve this wealth and take advantage of resources responsibly.

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Alternative Technologies

These actions are examples of how the knowledge, ingenuity and tools that we have at our disposal can contribute to the generation of positive changes.

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More About Us

Transformacciones is a project developed from the interest of its creators to make visible concrete actions in Colombia to mitigate the negative human impact on the planet.

We use technology to share the actions that are improving the planet.

We hope for a world with more inspired people working for the planet.

We share the passion of those who inspire and work for the planet.